Today Alix asked me whether I had seen the elephant heart in Toronto. I have not. I have dissected a cow’s heart though. Then I was thinking of all the things I have dissected in k-12 science classes and how clearly I remember each thing, the first cuts into each thing, my lab partners, the instruments, the conversation. Most of the dissections happened in elementary school. From some of them, I saved the lenses from the eyes.

These are the things I’ve dissected.
– a cow’s heart
– a fetal pig
– a tortoise
– a rat
– an earthworm
– a frog
– a fish


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1 Response to dissection

  1. François says:

    I got my head stuck inside the abdomen of a dissected woman once over Christmas in anatomy lab. Someone fainted at the sight of it, although at times, I wonder if it wasn’t the strong smell of formaldehyde.

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