eat, drink and watch football (Bryant 19:71)

charlie and dad peeling shrimp
Originally uploaded by looktouch.

What we’ve made and consumed this weekend:
blueberry muffins
cheeses (goat, gruyere, blue)
Hendrick’s (martinis and gin & tonics)
red wine (nothing special)
cheesecake with raspberry compote
cheese grits with sausage
bloody marys
cheese dip (velveeta + rotel)
pigs in blankets (using kielbasa)

We’re not done yet. There’s seafood ahead. This blog entry is in homage to Jordan. Oh and– there’s now a Hendrick’s group on Flickr, if you’re a fan.


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2 Responses to eat, drink and watch football (Bryant 19:71)

  1. Dan Coffey says:

    I had this amazing wine yesterday at a couples’ baby shower. So good!


    (word verification = cohzxie (kind of like cozy, but with some ooomph to it.)

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    we’ve been polishing off a bunch of wines my parents brought back from Rockbridge vineyard in VA. They’re pretty good, I like the Tuscarora red.

    yeah, las rocas needs some labelling help.

    (isn’t that a pronunciation spelling of Coetzee? i swear these word verifications aren’t random.)

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