five things

1. I’m happy that the movie Groundhog Day exists because it makes things easier to explain.
2. Ray sent me this article on marriage in matriarchal culture.
3. My horoscope today tells me to “let my inner superhero out.”
4. I’ve recently acquired some interesting poetry books, which I’ll blog about later today.
5. I watched this music video a lot while I was living in Sweden in 2005, and it’s probably lame (it’s pop music), but I like it (the video). I like the colors and I love the awkward ways the kids move their bodies.


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9 Responses to five things

  1. Amish Trivedi says:

    Comedy Central has Groundhog Day on all day, over and over again.

    I’m watching it RIGHT NOW

  2. Dan Coffey says:

    5) “My Sharona” vs. The Vocorder.

    Yeah, interesting video. Some of it reminded me of the school scene from The Sixth Sense.

    What you won’t see on YouTube: a video from Friday morning of Dan doing the dishes.

  3. John Sakkis says:

    what’s with you and hating pop music dude.

  4. Jessica Smith says:

    a: that’s wonderful
    d: you should have a video of yourself doing the dishes. i’d watch that.
    j: aw, i love the pop music. i’m just self-disparaging about my tastes.

  5. Phil says:

    Well, I may as well bump you with this little super hero quiz…apparently I’m the Flash!

    Superhero Personality Test

  6. Jessica Smith says:

    Ha! Don’t mess with me:

    Your results:
    You are Hulk
    Hulk 95%
    Supergirl 89%
    Spider-Man 75%
    Iron Man 70%
    Wonder Woman 69% …

    You are a wanderer with amazing strength.


  7. Kristen Iskandrian says:

    Groundhog Day is a little like Of Grammatology in this regard, no?

    Also, I think yesterday was groundhog day, for real. I’m not sure what the verdict was.

  8. Jessica Smith says:

    it was groundhog day! that’s why i said that, i was thinking about it. but i don’t know what the verdict was. down here, it doesn’t really matter, i mean it’s *really* cold when it’s like 30 degrees.

  9. Dan Coffey says:

    The verdict was early Spring.

    Word verification = oftmaxtf (onomatapoetic for something I might utter after work when our puppy is mauling my face with her mutant tongue).

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