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wide slumber for lepidopterists

a.rawlings has posted a few recordings of wide slumber performances at her blog. Advertisements

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business card poems

One nice thing about Birmingham is that it’s so close to ATL that it’s possible to procrastinate for a long time and still arrive at AWP with reasonable punctuality. Since I’m not yet sure of my coming address in VA, … Continue reading

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puns in The News

Yesterday, Birmingham police busted a burglary ring that specialized in stealing jewelry.

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FOURSQUARE 1.9 (Love) Love poems by Elisa Gabbert & Kathleen Rooney; Sharon Harris et al.; o. hunt; and kathryn l. pringle & Magdalena Zurawski. Cover valentine by Krista Stout (I’m a sucker for a pink elephant). ***If you aren’t going … Continue reading

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FOURSQUARE 1.9 & 1.10

February’s 4SQ, of which there are about a dozen extras, will be available at my table at the AWP. Outside Voices will be sharing a table with Flim Forum and Swank Books (table 308). Come by and say hi. I … Continue reading

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K. Lorraine Graham’s Moving Walkways

Lorraine’s long-awaited chapdisc is now available from the masters at narrow house recordings

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I’m just a girl who can’t say no

Even with my hermetic practices and no-sending-stuff-out rules I get invited to do all sorts of things and I never can do them, either because of time or money (it’s expensive to travel!) or simply because I haven’t written any … Continue reading

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Last night I dreamt that a little girl who was learning how to spell asked me how to spell “decidewalk.”

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Amusingly, while recording my difficult choice of what tea to drink, “For the Price of a Cup of Tea” was playing on my iPod. I began work on my Rossetti and Stevenson papers today– so far, the Rossetti is going … Continue reading

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Dealing with Depression

Since I began blogging I’ve received a number of inquiries about what people should do if they’re feeling depressed. These are the only emails I respond to promptly. I thought maybe I should talk about it openly in case other … Continue reading

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Pretty incredible anti-war documentary shorts by Alabama high school student Ava Lowery over here. Don’t cry.

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Detorie or Boyer?

Yesterday I was asked to distinguish between the vispo of Michelle Detorie and that of Anne Boyer. To me, the differences are obvious, but I had not sat down and tried to put them into words. This is what I … Continue reading

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I want the new iPod shuffle. In green. It’s so cute! OMG. I don’t have $80. I also have a perfectly functional iPod already. It’s pretty old (2003), and the battery is basically dead, so it’s not very portable. It … Continue reading

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Girl Scout Cookies

Go here to find your local troop. If you live in Charlottesville, find Dr. Arata in the English Department (he’s always around, and sweet as sugar– his daughter is a Brownie).

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Originally uploaded by maurice flower. I miss these. They’re so decadent. I have sat in this exact spot and eaten one of these (though I take my coffee black). I wonder if any bakeries in Birmingham make them. (If you … Continue reading

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Michelle (who’s doing amazing poetry things these days herself), Tao and Susana heralded o. hunt’s new work at bear parade on their blogs today. Ofelia has work in the recent dusie as well as in February’s FOURSQUARE (if you ever … Continue reading

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interior thoughts

– gotta fill out some stuff for my new apartment– gotta submit some stuff to various poetry things that asked me to submit (i don’t “send stuff out” blind– just don’t) incl. gotta make the thing for ahadada, stuff for … Continue reading

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ready, set, compile!

Originally uploaded by megan @ flickr. Is it just me, or do your blogs consistently get hits from people looking for love poems? And when your friends get married, are you as the resident poet obliged to find sappy poems … Continue reading

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meal planning

My plan tonight is to make meatloaf. I’ve never made it, but after reminiscing about Globe Market’s meatloaf I’m going to give it a go. So my question is… does anyone have any secret meatloaf ingredients to recommend?

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Mine eyes, mine eyes immense–

Emmett Williams via Tom.

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Well, alright.

Never finish everythingon your to do list. It will look as if you have nothingbetter to do. – Elaine Equi

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Buffalo cuisine

A new list. Buffalo restaurants I miss (specific foods I miss most): 1. Globe Market (gazpacho, meatloaf, gumbo)2. Romeo’s (the Dante)3. Lone Star (beef fajitas)4. Left Bank (fried oysters, calamari)5. Founding Father’s (blackened blue)6. Anderson’s Frozen Custard (plain old vanilla)7. … Continue reading

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All I want is to feel this way

Yes I am serenading with Toad the Wet Sprocket. Shut up.

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Advice for those who aren’t hearing from phd programs this month

So… how do you keep from killing yourself if you don’t get into grad school? a. substance abuseb. prescription drugsc. eating disordersd. therapye. furry animals Console yourself with the fact that no matter what job you take in your year(s) … Continue reading

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It’s foggy in Paris today. (via Rod Smith.)

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top 10 films meme

yeah… writing paper… going well…. Kasey has listed his 100 favorite movies in answer to a meme that asked for his top 10. Kristen followed the rules. Anyway, here are my top 10, but not in any order.1. Casablanca2. North … Continue reading

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current nail polish collection

Loreal Jet-Set Shine, Classic RedRevlon Sheer Snowflake PinkRevlon Raven RedCover Girl Boundless Color, pink taffyCover Girl Boundless Color, disco dazzleMaybelline Colorama, pink cadillacWet n’Wild Crystalic, golden pink There are only really 3 colors: sheer, red and pink. I just switched … Continue reading

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addresses since 2002

120 Meyer Rd, Amherst NY, 14226537 West Ferry, Buffalo, NY 1422277 Linwood, Buffalo NY 14209547 Franklin St, Buffalo NY 14209(berlin)Banergatan xx, 11522 Stockholm(käxed)(buffalo)Schelleingasse 10/2, 1040 Vienna(Söder)726 Madison Ave, Charlottesville VA 22903(current) I don’t actually enjoy moving around so much but … Continue reading

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EBB eat your heart out

So, I was trying to do what has become the iOracle meme (see Mark’s blog) but despite the fact that I have a full 20G iPod it kept sending me back to St. Matthew’s Passion: I will give my heart … Continue reading

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New Hannah Weiner

Speaking of Charles, new Hannah Weiner. I guess I’ll eventually have to break down and buy the Grand Piano series, but it’s on my list after Heretical Texts. I’m going to need more money.

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I dreamt that my purse was stolen and I had to buy the items back from a street seller– the thief had kindly left $20 in my purse so that I could do this. I dreamt I was trying to … Continue reading

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Happy New Year! It’s the year of the pig. Very exciting, and good for Kap and Maggie. (Of course, there’s always the downside.)

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Happy New Year! It’s the year of the pig. Very exciting, and good for Kap and Maggie. (Of course, there’s always the downside.)

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The quality for which I strive

The footnote on p. 44 of Jonathan Culler’s On Deconstruction.

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Bonus points

You know how sometimes you memorize a quote without memorizing where the hell you picked it up? This is my current problem with a statement by Andre Breton: “Un mot et tout est perdu; un mot et tout est sauvé.” … Continue reading

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I’m frustrated in so many ways that my body has become pockets of pulsing little knots. At night I dream of cutting it open and removing my organs.

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Stop procrastinating. Get the icky stuff out of the way. In the process, you’ll find that it’s not so bad and doesn’t take nearly as long as you thought it would. Then, on to the fun stuff.

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Upcoming Performances and Reviews

Links to reviews of OFC and my upcoming reading schedule can be found over here. For someone who doesn’t do poetry readings I am going to be doing a lot of poetry readings and exhibits over the next 4 months. … Continue reading

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Today Alix asked me whether I had seen the elephant heart in Toronto. I have not. I have dissected a cow’s heart though. Then I was thinking of all the things I have dissected in k-12 science classes and how … Continue reading

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recent email and smail

I have unanswered, longish email from these people in my inbox and I am doing a terrible job of responding to it and I feel awful about it but at the same time I am so impressed with myself for … Continue reading

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If you want to know what Flarf is you can go to this. If Flarf isn’t doing it for you, you could get this. (Send me one too while you’re at it.)

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Desert island

I think if I were to retire from the world and could only take 5 books with me, I would take:– Collected Shakespeare– Bottom: On Shakespeare– The Norton Anthology (Romantics volume)– Mrs. Dalloway– SAS Survival Handbook Even without pencil or … Continue reading

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compare and contrast

Lorraine is good with differences. I will accept a definition of flarf somewhere along the lines of, “began in NY, procedural, uses internet (esp. google) as procedure, is satirical.”

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The Avant-Garde

Dear Andrew Topel and John M. Bennett, Thank you for restoring my faith in poetry. Love, Jessica Andrew’s scores, plus a bookarts blog I didn’t know existed. Thanks, Andrew, for the packet of amazing little books.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

He prayeth best, who loveth bestAll things both great and small;For the dear God who loveth us,He made and loveth all.

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I haven’t felt the shock of the new in awhile now

I’m usually of the “there’s no such thing as too much poetry!” camp, but sometimes it is really exhausting to read poetry that doesn’t do anything. Make me cry, make me shudder, make me laugh, make me dry heave, make … Continue reading

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"tornadic weather"

Oooh… baseball-sized hail, wrath-of-god lightning, civil defense sirens, and maybe tornados! The kids in Tuscaloosa (Jim, Ray) will be getting the worst of it. I like tornados. Feels like home.

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Today on the tree: male and female cardinals; blue jay; red-bellied woodpecker; dark-eyed juncos; mourning doves. The courting cardinals were a pleasurable sight. The tree is so large that all of these species can be in it at once without … Continue reading

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Things are sweet, soft, and nice in my world. Cats are nice, people are nice, work isn’t too terrible. I see that if I make my profile pic my Flickr icon, it changes when it changes (I didn’t expect this). … Continue reading

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help my poor brain–

I can’t think of the word I need… it’s not parochial, not provencial, but has to do with that sense of innocence and ideal country life. We used it every day in RenPro, I am using it now in discussing … Continue reading

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