I slept all night for the first time in weeks, and my dreams were good to boot.

Haven’t gotten very far on my paper, though. But there’s still a good 48 hours.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be returning to Cville around June 1. I might visit b/f then to apt-hunt. Like if anyone needs a pet-sitter over Spring Break, I’m available.

Oh, also– I realize that the sidebar list “everyone” does not actually include everyone and that some of the links are old. For some reason this section has mysteriously disappeared from my Template, so I can’t adjust it. It keeps publishing as if it were there, but there’s a blank space in the template where it should be. So don’t feel neglected.


About Jessica Smith

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2 Responses to

  1. jason christie says:

    your ‘about me’ section and ‘everyone’ links are now at the bottom of your template.



  2. Jessica Smith says:

    i know where they’re s’posed to be, but right now when i go to my template to edit them it looks like this … see there’s just a blank space where all the Everyone links should be. Am I missing something?

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