My day.

Today I started my Renaissance Prose paper. The working title is: “The Power of Place: A reading of Nicholas Breton’s The Miseries of Mavillia in response to Constance Relihan.” It will be a Deleuzean analysis as usual. I have not yet received a cookie. Then I ordered the new tinysides because you have to get them fast before they sell out. Then I got bored and took a bazillion pictures of myself, which is what I do when I get bored, and Maggie is not helping me overcome this habit. Then I ate spaghetti. I will probably get a cookie in a few minutes.

Charlie’s coming home this weekend; I like it when we are all here together. He is bringing Hendrick’s.


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5 Responses to My day.

  1. Reen says:

    My favorite title for a paper that I wrote was “Fangalactic Supergoria, or Why That Guy Sitting Next to You in the Computer Lab is So Creepy.” It was an analysis of vampire-themed websites for my folklore class.

    In a nod to the poetic, I did call a law school paper on anticompetitive behaviors in the New Zealand banking system “Goblin Market.” It was delightful.

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    the second title is a clever title for what sounds like a maddeningly dull paper.

    but the first title and the first paper sound interesting.

    i tend to be a pretty standard, non-clever, buttoned-up, MLA kind of title-maker. Something something: something in someone’s something.

    ok, well, now it sounds kinda dirty.

  3. Jessica Smith says:

    oooh, now i put the titles up, that was another 20 minutes of procrastination, thanks! (& shouldn’t you be asleep?)

  4. Reen says:

    Yes, I should have been asleep, but sleep has deserted me for the sort of tense and unwelcome wakefulness I would think that refugees get.

    You should just call a paper “Something something: something in someone’s something.” That is brilliant.

  5. Jessica Smith says:

    this particular teacher wouldn’t like that. i could do it for tucker. but i’ve almost exhausted this one’s patience.

    ambien. and not to be mean, but i don’t think you’re at the point of identifying with refugees yet. you’re going to be ok– no matter what.

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