All the work I haven’t done since being at UVA

RenPro, Breton: 20 pp*
***The Power of Place: A reading of Nicholas Breton’s The Miseries of Mavillia in response to Constance Relihan
RenPro, Rosalind: 10 pp
***(something regarding interpolated poetry)
Victorian, James: 5 pp*
***Memory and the Aesthetics of Realism in Henry James’s “The Real Thing”
Victorian, Rossetti: 7 pp*
***(something regarding the figured writer and jouissance)
Victorian, Stevenson: 9 pp
***(something about sound and architectural spaces, working toward a larger comparison of this and Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis,” the whole paper of which won’t be written)
Citizenship responses, 14 pp*
Medieval, literacy: 20 pp*
***The Advent and Avant-Garde of Literacy: Using Pre-Literate Reading Methods to Approach Post-Literate Poetry
XCP, Vicuña, 20 pp*
***The Paralinguistic Poetics of Cecilia Vicuña’s Precarios
Folklore, Birdwhistell, 15 pp*
***(fairly straightforward report on B’s life and work)
Folklore, Child & Snake, 15 pp
***The Girl and the Snake: Reinforcing the Heterosexual Hegemony through Folklore

I put a star by ones I have star-ted, and I’ve researched and outlined all of them, it’s just a matter of sitting down and writing the damn things. With a few more smaller assignments it totals about 140 pgs of writing. That’s 20 pgs a month if I am to finish on time, by August. This is the order I plan to do them in. I need to be back in Charlottesville for the folklore ones because we have a folklore library. This list helped me procrastinate another 15 minutes.

Yeah… I’ve basically only been reading contemporary poetry since starting at UVA. Not only is that irrelevant for my coursework, it’s not even my major field (which is Modernism, supposedly).


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4 Responses to All the work I haven’t done since being at UVA

  1. Steven Fama says:

    Are those double or single-spaced pages?

    If properly motivated, and assuming preliminary thinking / outlining has been done, and further projecting onto others my own experience, it should take circa four to six hours to put out 2000 adequate, coherent mostly polished words (i.e., with most revisions done). That can be a full day’s work factoring in the normal necessary screwing around.

    More and quicker work is possible with a frenzy but such a gift or curse cannot be counted on, or has dangerous side effects if induced.

    However, and again projecting myself onto others, there probably will need to be a bit of time — a day or two — bewteen the finsih and start of at least some and perhaps each one of these projects.

    And also however, and yet again projecting myself onto others, all estimates are withdrawn if the natural tendency to perfectionism is not very well controlled.

    Hope this helps, and good luck!

  2. Jessica Smith says:


    i’m capable of writing a 20-pg paper in 3 days, which is good because the first one on this list is due 2/1.

    perfectionism is my biggest enemy. i got used to working with Martin at buffalo, where we went over each others’ papers dozens of times and put a lot of pressure on ourselves to produce publishable work. i feel like i can’t judge what’s good without him, and combined with a natural tendency to want to be an expert in anything i do before i do it, it’s very stifling.

    UVA’s coursework standards are different from Buffalo’s–they want you to be able to do many things fairly well, rather than one or two things expertly. I’ve had trouble adjusting to the idea that I just need to write a paper, it doesn’t have to be the best paper… and now it’s built up into a giant mountain of unfinished work.

    but yeah, it’s a manageable amount of work, it’s just to put on blinders and get it done.

  3. Jessica Smith says:

    p.s., this is why people from UVA get jobs, and equally intelligent people from Buffalo don’t. Overspecialization.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Write one page a day!

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