new OFC review

“Smith has bravely taken the idea of the page as a canvas for words further than many have previously dared. The poems make us aware of both the placing of the words as the words themselves; since these poems subject is place and memory, fragmentation is an appropriate response and tool.”

That’s about the most succinct understanding of the book so far; Loydell (correctly, I think) points to the concrete poems of “Archipelago” as less interesting (my favorite part is “Exile”). A pointed, targeted, right-on response with no barbed references to my egregious (arrogant, ambitious) personality. Thanks RL.

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One Response to new OFC review

  1. François says:

    Funny, the reviewer refers to S.A. Stepanek as a “he” when it’s really a “she.” (She was a Ph.D. candidate at UH, where I first heard sections of that book)

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