Last night I dreamt….

Thanks to Andrew Lundwall, I fell asleep with “Bigmouth Strikes Again” in my head. Somehow this led to dreaming that Sarah had, as a teenager, played Joan of Arc in a famous old movie about her.

Now we (Sarah and I among others) were in Ramazani’s class and we were supposed to watch this movie. I had left my notes at home, but I sat by Sarah and said, “Psst, hey you were in this movie, what am I supposed to say about it?”

But at the same time that we were in class discussing the movie, we were in a dungeon where Sarah was Joan of Arc and was being tried for her crimes. She sat in an Eames office chair as if she were at a spelling bee or interview. The prosecution was divided into three groups, and I was among those called the Judges and Scholars. The moderator of the interview asked who would play the young king of the Scholars and Judges, and I did not volunteer, but the girl next to me did. She was passed over for an elderly man who volunteered, because she was a girl and girls can’t be kings.

After he was chosen as the representative, the king read a predetermined question off a sheet of paper given to him by the moderator. The question had to do with Chincoteague, which he mispronounced. I whispered to the girl next to me, who had volunteered to be king, that if they had let a girl be king she would never have mispronounced Chincoteague because every girl read Misty of Chincoteague when she was little.


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One Response to Last night I dreamt….

  1. Jessica Smith says:

    see! girls should totally be in charge!

    i love joan of arc.

    i remember it used to really bug me when i did musical theatre as a child, because i had a low singing voice (hadn’t changed– I was jealous of the girls who could sing soprano, but i sat in Alto, near the tenors) and I thought i should get to play a boy. i actually did play a boy in junior high when we did Romeo and Juliet, but unfortunately, I was not Romeo.

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