Catch Me If You Can

Drooling over the drape of the hemmed pants (remember the good ol’ days when clothes fit?), the mod architecture, and the attention to paper and fine printing (the monster machine in France! Yum).

When I lived with Martin, we watched films all the time. Since moving to VA I have watched many fewer films. I need to catch up. There are hundreds of good films that I need to see.

But seriously, the metal desks? The windows of the hospital? The airport? The shop windows at the clothing store, the desk lamps, the mid-calf pencil skirts, the pillbox hats, the Pan Am flight bags? Fabulous.


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2 Responses to Catch Me If You Can

  1. Reen says:

    At first I thought your new photo was of you pointing a gun at the camera. Take that, universe!

  2. Jessica Smith says:


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