If you were my exacto knife, where would you be?


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12 Responses to exacting

  1. Rebecca says:

    In the small toolbox.

    (Or is that if I’m my own exacto knife?)

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    hm… no… 🙂

    (the small toolbox is the sewing/bookbinding box. not there.)

    maybe my brother has one around here somewhere.

  3. Ray-Ray says:

    in the same black hole that all of my exacto knives, scissors and scotch tape dispensors seem to fall into on a constant basis? check there. that’s where i’d check if i were you.

  4. csperez says:

    if i was your exacto, i would be a bookmark in your collected poems of lorine neidecker 😉

  5. Reen says:

    Blade up in the bottom of your craft basket, waiting to slice your hand open. Or between the couch cushions, slowing scoring and destroying the leather.

  6. Jessica Smith says:

    maureen, did you ever properly organize that mess of razor blades you had lying around? your house is *not* babyproofed. don’t do the photography sessions there.

    ray: i bet it’s in the same place with the damn tape dispensers!

    craig: if only i were that cool. i am using the exacto knife to make an ode to Stevens, is that lame or what?

    i dug through Charlie’s drawer and found not only an exacto knife and an extra set of blades, but also an exacto compass for cutting circles! he always had the best toys.

  7. Chief says:

    Careful with that knife once you find it: an architect friend of mine lost 1/4 inch off the top of her thumb to an exacto knife on Monday.

    She had to carry the severed nub in a ziploc with her to the emergency room. Naturally, her boyfriend had to fill out the forms for her.

    But perhaps the most horrorfilled comic moment of all was when she saw the nurse, standing there with her thumb-nub in one hand, and clamping her throbbing, bandaged hand under her armpit, and the nurse asked, “So, what seems to be the trouble?”

    Exacto knives are no joke, that’s all I’m saying.

  8. Claudia says:

    in whatever bag you carry everyday.


  9. Alixandra Bamford says:

    I’m good at finding exacto knives in other peoples houses. I’ll fly down. :p

  10. Jessica Smith says:

    you’re a tease, alix. 😉

    but good! come! i will show you mountains and give you a book that i have been meaning to mail to you but haven’t.

  11. Alixandra Bamford says:

    If only I could reach you by VIA rail! Alas, I haven’t the money for flying. It would be so great though. I’ve never been at all south in the states. Perhaps this summer, if I get a job.

  12. Dan Coffey says:

    “sharper than most, cut with exacto / gone is all good, ex post facto

    -some guy

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