what I’m doing today

What I was planning to do today: Looking for reasonably-priced apartments in Charlottesville. Spending the day with my grandmother and planning to see Lisa Jarnot’s reading in Tuscaloosa tonight. Giving advice on things I have no business giving advice about. Buying a new color print cartridge so I can make Jen’s book. Cutting up magazines for scrap to make an homage to Wallace Stevens. Thinking about how best to manage Constance Relihan.

I’m superslow on email this week, kids.

What I actually did today: wrote to Lorraine and looked for apts. Gave out advice (look, do you think I know what I’m doing? I don’t!). Begrudgingly thought of Relihan and read Breton (Nick, not Andre)

What I’m planning to do tonight: Get ink and catch up on printing.


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One Response to what I’m doing today

  1. Lyle Solla-Yates says:

    I don’t know of many reasonably priced apartments. I would look at craigslist though. http://charlottesville.craigslist.org/apa/
    Good luck!

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