morning serenade

I can’t sing. But she can.


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4 Responses to morning serenade

  1. sarah says:

    mmm, watching the snow melt out my window, this is just what i needed.
    thank you for it.

  2. ChrisMcVey says:

    very nice.
    someone you might enjoy…

    (especially check out videos/”playing with pink noise”)

    (body without organs)

  3. Ryan W. says:

    You have an interesting speaking voice, tho. When sober, it has a very thin, brelicate exoskeleton and a brassy, citrusy interior. When drunk, there’s no discernable coating or interior/exterior. It’s a unibody, and tilts woodwind, w/ no specific edges, like a dense and stable fog the consistency of shoes, or olives. Brelicate is partways between delicate and brittle. Crispy is the closest synonym, but has a lot of misleading cultural associations, and a higher surface tension. Sometime write about how someone should get started with Billie Holiday.

  4. Jessica Smith says:

    Wow, that is the most detailed description I think I’ve ever heard of any part of me. I’m flattered that you were listening.

    This is how to get started with Billie Holiday, I would say. I have a lot of collections of her material, but this is the first one I listened to (as a child, a summer night in New Orleans) and the one I go back to. It used to be very hard to find, as it’s out of print.

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