My dad is in the hospital but they don’t know what’s wrong with him. I hate hospitals. I hate waiting and waiting and waiting to see a doctor and then they can’t tell you anything. I hate watching shifts change and knowing you’ve been there for more than one. I hate hospital food and hospital coffee. I hate that you can get sicker in the hospital than you were when you went in, and I hate that there’s the possibility you won’t come out alive.

My ex-bf A. used to drag me to the hospital at all hours while he underwent various tests and whined about nonexistent ailments. It was very stressful at the time, because I didn’t know he was just an idiot. There’s no cure for that.


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  1. kfd313 says:


    I hope everything is OK with your Dad. I too despise hospitals–spent way too much time in them as a kid due to my own father’s illness. But, it’s funny, now I love to watch hospital shows on TV, epsecially HOUSE. Maybe I want to have faith that there’s someone out there w/ “magical” powers that can cure everyone (and be moody and compelling at the same time!. Anyway, I’ll b sending good thoughts your way.


  2. Jessica Smith says:

    thanks 🙂

    me too, i like hospital shows, especially HOUSE. But I also like shows where women get raped, beaten, and murdered, like SVU. i think there must be some kind of need for catharsis, or a need to work through things (freud, something.)

  3. shanna says:

    best wishes for yr dad, jessica.

  4. Jessica Smith says:

    Now (>12 hours after he was admitted) they think he has appendicitis (i can’t spell that) which is what he told them he thought he had last night and what my cousin (who is a nurse) told them he had. so they’re going to take it out, finally. hopefully that is all it was.

  5. Logan Ryan Smith says:

    hopefully it’s just appendicitis. best wishes for your pa.

  6. Jessica Smith says:

    thanks lrs ❤

  7. Alixandra Bamford says:

    I had a friend going in for an operation, and a week before the date they asked her to come in for three hours of various testing & prepping. when she was horrified at the prospect they assured her she could bring a friend or family member along for company. she said to me “I can’t think of anyone I hate that much!”

  8. Steven Fama says:

    Best wishes to your father. I suppose it’s pretty “standard” surgery but still it is stressful, to him and you all too.

  9. Jessica Smith says:

    thanks guys 🙂
    he’s out now (quickest surgery ever?)

    it mainly bothers me because he is almost the age his father was when he died, so whenever something is wrong i panic a little. he doesn’t exactly lead a healthy lifestyle. but this time it doesn’t have to do with that, i guess.

    you only get one chance at this. don’t screw it up.

  10. Michelle says:

    wishing your dad a quick recovery —


  11. Helen White says:

    Hey Jessica

    I hope your Dad is doing ok. A bad appendix isn’t much fun but once it’s out, all he has do do is convalesce for a while. Pass on my best wishes!

    Helen W

  12. Jessica Smith says:

    thanks guys 🙂

  13. Ian Keenan says:

    he’ll be ok, and it’s good that you’re there.

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