things i dream about frequently

Staircases, Labyrinth-like – escalators – Stockholm subways – sex (obviously) – apologizing to people I’ve been mean to – mean people apologizing to me – software that does something that my current software either doesn’t do, or I don’t know how to do with my current software – Australia being upside-down

Last night, if you numbered the pages in Word and clicked a “booklet” button, it would put them in proper order (2 per page) so that printed front-to-back the booklet would come out properly. I always have to make dummies to calculate where the pages will end up, because my spatial reasoning skills leave much to be desired. (Spatial management, an artistic sensibility of how things look on the page, being different than the calculation of page layout.) It seems like this function probably exists somewhere in one of my programs but I don’t know which, where, how. (Ryan? Shanna? Someone knows this.)


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  1. AW says:

    if you find out how to do this, let me know – Ania

  2. Alixandra Bamford says:

    the first issue of knives out (
    is themed dreams & nightmares.
    for my own contribution I’ve plundered my own dream journal for interesting imagery & phrases. I was somewhat surprised with the unifying themes which came up. It works in strange ways, the subconcious.

    I’ll send you a copy of the whole publication, when we manage to get it together -I’ve discovered working with a group is a much slower process than working alone.

    (actually since you a vivid dreamer, if you wanted to submit a peice about dreams I would be glad to have it. we are interested in having a couple of dream recollections & that kind of thing. your list of common dream themes is appealing in itself)

  3. T.A. Noonan says:

    When I did Balm, I used templates to lay the pages out in order. Then I printed all the odd pages, turned them over, printed the evens on the back, and put the whole shebang together.

    I have a ZIP file with some Word templates for booklets. (I assume you have Word, but they work just fine in OpenOffice, too.) They’re half-size, but you could probably resize them in Word pretty easily. Let me know if you’d like me to email them to you.

  4. Jessica Smith says:

    yeah, tiffany, do send me those. maybe they will help.

    i do want a program that will do it automatically though. there must be one.

    alix, i’ll think about it; i like that your project is geographically limited, though. the website looks great!

  5. K. Lorraine Graham says:

    I thought there was (is a booklet option in word. In fact, there is, but maybe it’s only in office editions.

  6. K. Lorraine Graham says:

    I thought there was (is a booklet option in word. In fact, there is, but maybe it’s only in office editions.

  7. Jessica Smith says:

    wait, where is it? explain so i can see if it’s in mine and i just haven’t found it.

  8. Rachel says:

    This function, called “Print Imposition,” is only available for recent versions of Quark xPress, because the company that makes the software for Quark bought all of the competing companies and discontinued the print imposition programs for them. Bastards.

    Being able to do print imposition in Word is better than sex.

  9. Lyle Solla-Yates says:

    “better than sex.”

    I hate that phrase. There’s all kinds of sex, and almost everything is better than some kinds, and almost nothing is better than other kinds.

  10. Lyle Solla-Yates says:

    Fantastic, my first successful comment here. I knew I’d beat Google into submission eventually.

  11. Jessica Smith says:

    God, don’t talk to me about sex. It’s like talking to someone in the desert about lakes and waterfalls.

    But, yeah, I was wondering what kind of sex R. is having that “print imposition” is better than. But then I realized that being able to do that (print imposition) actually would be pretty fabulous, and since I haven’t had it, I can’t really judge.

  12. Alixandra Bamford says:

    re: geographical limitation
    my friend’s original plan was to publish their friends, & apparently they had a list of 100 or so people. but unfortunately none of these people have submitted anything – I have personally solicited all of the submissions we have. you can see how a project would stray from its original intent under these circumstances.

  13. Lyle Solla-Yates says:

    Madam, I am with you in that desert, and what else is there to talk about but water? Cacti?
    Actually there are some beautiful deserts. I take your meaning.

  14. Jessica Smith says:

    ok, i get to say this because i’m an english student… the problem is not the desert but that there’s “water water everywhere and not a drop to drink.”

    there are plenty of single and not-so-single guys around, but i’m not very charitable with my body, even when i’m dying of thirst.

  15. Lyle Solla-Yates says:

    Continued on facebook due to blushing.

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