There was a rumor that I liked men. This is false.


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  1. marwal says:

    Who exactly was bandying that about? Certainly not me.

  2. Reen says:

    I like bunnies. And thank you for the bunny you sent me. Squee!

  3. Jessica Smith says:

    no, not you. whoever said it was sorely mistaken. rumors get around and they will eventually get back to the person they were about.

    i like bunnies too, maureen, and i’m glad you like yours. and i refer you back to my email on 1/15.

  4. eric d says:

    i read that as liking men, rather than boys say, or girls… now i read the comments it seems you meant ” a goodly number of.etc etc”. or do you mean man, as in (a) man.because men, in and of themselves? well, i like men! this is cryptic, but i suppose that i the intent, like whom you want, or not! 🙂
    sorry, housebound. feeling icky, i’m bored now and deconstructing blogposts..

  5. Jessica says:


    i was mad at men (boys, XY, the patriarchy) last night because one of them made me angry in a way that seemed stereotypically male. but then he explained himself and it wasn’t after all so stereotypical, so now i am back to hating men on a case-by-case basis.

    It sucks that I can’t make generalizations about entire groups of people. Goddamnit! How am I to ensure my safety and comfort, if I can’t dismiss at least half of humanity as dangerous and stupid? Life is hard. 🙂

    The truth is, I like the mortals.

  6. Kevin Doran says:

    Hi Jessica,
    I’m thinking out loud about feminism/gender inequality (or so-called) over here, and not getting as engaged as i’d like, and think i would like to hear what you think (i think).

    Also, two questions on the anthology (thanks muchly, again; it’s my first time): 1) I’m assuming there won’t be contributor copies with that volume; would that be right? 2) I think i read you saying that each person would be given one page — when do we find out which poems have been accepted (i think i sent five)?


  7. Jessica Smith says:

    kevin, i’ll come read your site this afternoon when i have more time to engage with you. as for your questions,
    1. contributor copies are up in the air; it will depend on the amount of financial backing, which at this point is also up in the air. if there isn’t enough money for contributor copies, contributors will be able to buy copies at cost.
    2. I don’t know yet which poems exactly. I’m expecting to know by sometime in march, at which point I’ll post a tentative TOC to the anthology blog.

  8. Kevin Doran says:

    Excellent. Thanks Jessica.

  9. Jessica Smith says:

    I wasn’t stirred with any vehement response to your blog post, Kevin…

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