bookmaking in the time of love

My dad’s advice is, “bury yourself in your work.” My mom’s advice is, “channel the energy into bookmaking.” I tend to prioritize people/relationships over work. But in this case I may have to make an exception, since I need to work. The goals for today are to make a stab at my Renaissance Prose paper and hook up the new printer. First things off the line: 4SQ 1.8, Lorraine’s, derek’s, rob’s, and Jen’s chapbooks (each ltd. to 25, each $10); a reprint of bird-book ($6, ltd. to 10), and a reprint of Problemattica ($6, ltd. to 25). Very exciting.

(bird-book is available for free online from Detumescence, but the print presentation is important to the work. This edition will be slightly different from the last two. You can read Steve’s review of the web version here.)

If I owe you chapbooks from trades, now would be a good time to remind me.


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6 Responses to bookmaking in the time of love

  1. Steven Fama says:

    I’m confused. You talk about reprinting Problemattica (and is that a book of yours?), but then immediately allude to a new print edition of bird-book.

    Are you hoping to do new editions of both?

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    Yes, bird-book and Problemattica are both works of mine c.2001 and they are both being reprinted in small editions.

    Problemattica, which is an inventory of things which may or may not have been in my attic, will be covered in vintage wallpaper (I’ve been collecting it), so each will be different; colored endpapers.

    bird-book, which in previous editions has been printed on origami paper in a translucent vellum envelope (ed. 1) and an opaque black envelope (ed. 2) will be printed on colored cardstock, enfolded in a gatefold opaque black jacket, and housed in a translucent vellum envelope.

    Lorraine’s book, Large Waves to Large Obstacles, will be wave-stitch bound (a variation on normal Japanese stab binding) with hemp laced with shells, driftwood, and mother-of-pearl. Jade vellum endpapers, linen cardstock cover; scented with jasmine.

    rob’s book, avalanche, will be fairly straightforward, but you can opt to have it mailed to you encased in ice.

    i am working on two different ideas for derek’s flatland 1-20 so I will let you know which version I decide to do for the edition. One involves spraypaint and the other involves embroidery; I have to see which one works better.

    Jen’s book is full-color… I am still working out the cover design for this one.

    I am still working on my own chapbook, Gingerbread, as well as on two other new chapbooks of my own, one which will be released from Susana’s Dusie wee chaps series and the other which is being released by Peter Ganick’s chapbook press. These latter two works will be handwritten (like “poetry is like music” on Rock Heals).

  3. Steven Fama says:

    I probably ought to be able to figure this out, but I can’t: where does one order these, including the re-prints of bird-book ($6, ltd. to 10) Problemattica?

  4. Jessica Smith says:

    you can order the others’ books at (you have already pre-ordered “Gingerbread”); there aren’t buttons yet for ordering b-b and problemA. i’ll get them up later today.

  5. SM Smith says:

    Definately exciting! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the new chapbooks on takehomeproject.

  6. derek beaulieu says:

    sounds like a pair of interesting ideas, im excited to see what you come up with, and i completely trust your design skills, im eager to be surprised.
    — derek

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