Happy New Year!

The DC poets rang in the new year with good cheer and unmatched good company at Dan’s house. Tom, Lorraine, Maureen, Ray, Adam– we missed ya’ll. The addition of Sandra and Ben made the loss of Bill and cris bearable, and although there was only one broken beer bottle, Sandra, Ben and Mel provided a memorable performance of Is That Wool Hat My Hat? Ah… today I am happy, cozy and sleepy.

My resolutions from last year: “I will stop eating meat. Except for fish. And maybe eggs. I know it’s horrible to eat eggs but I like them. No more poultry, beef, pork, etc. Sushi stays. Baby steps. I will be silent in some places and loud in others. I will read my poetry out loud, but I will stop talking about some things with some people. I will try to read all of my assignments for school instead of not giving a damn. I will take my Orals. I will take my German proficiency exam. I will pay off my credit card. I will start outlining, researching, and perhaps writing my dissertation on plastic poetry. I will give more compliments. I will remember myself. I will publish Organic Furniture Cellar if no one takes it by May. I will finish butterflies. I will start the next project. I will conquer my fear of the telephone. I will try to calm down.”

I didn’t stop eating meat altogether, but I cut down my meat consumption dramatically and I’m happy with that. I got louder in the places I wanted to be quiet. I read poetry aloud some but also chickened out some. Obviously, I fell further behind in school. I took the French proficiency exam, but not the German one. Haven’t paid off my credit card. Haven’t worked on the diss. Have given more compliments. Have remembered myself, at least partially. Published Organic Furniture Cellar. Finished butterflies. Currently beginning new project (not to mention the publishing projects I began this year). Still anti-phone. Still hyperactive.

I only have one resolution for this year. It is: no falling in love.

Next year I want to see the Burlesque poets– Sandra, Reb, Carly– at Dan’s. I think it’s weird that all the DC poets don’t hang out together. I don’t think there’s any antipathy. I think we’re just lazy about getting together.

Kaplan’s photos are up.


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8 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. Sandra says:

    I’ve just been referred to as a Burlesque Poet–2007 is off to an excellent start! Since I grew up in the area and my high school & college friends come home to see their families, I’m usually tied up around the holidays. But that’s no excuse for most of the time…so I’m very dedicated to joining up for a Drink & Walk in the new year.

  2. Steven Fama says:

    ” . . . Sandra, Ben and Mel provided a memorable performance of Is That Wool Hat My Hat?”

    You shoulda joined in as the fourth part, so that the Mac Low piece could have been heard in its full glory.

    Good reverse psychology with the resolution. Or so I am guessing.

  3. Jessica Smith says:

    sandra: you should bring them too! drink & stumble seems cool– i’ve only been once. but the announcements are a treat. if i move to dc next fall….

    steve: i think i was supposed to participate, in that we were all 4 sitting on the couch together, but i didn’t feel qualified. sandra (miller) was doing such a fab job of coordinating the three voices!

    and there’s no reserve psychology going on here. i’m taking a year off from Love. My passions begin to be too much for me, in my old age, and I can’t handle any more rejection for awhile (yes… this is complicated and not for blogging about). You know, sometimes one has to catch one’s breath before “getting back out there.”

  4. Alixandra Bamford says:

    hmm, interesting. well, /this/ year I caught my breath. (& took my dear sweet time doing it, too, considering the amount of time I spent losing it.)

    funny that you said ‘reserve’ psychology.

    happy new year!

  5. andrew topel says:


    great to hear you’re feeling happy, cozy and sleepy. i hope your holidays were wonderful; it sounds like you had a great time with friends. could you make one more new year’s resolution? – to send me a copy of OFC 🙂 i sent you dough many moons ago but haven’t seen your book yet. really looking forward to reading it. thank you. have a beautiful day there.


  6. Jessica Smith says:

    alix, according to a friend of mine, it is mostly my own fault for choosing people i can’t ultimately have. 😦 ah well. next year!

    andrew: i can’t believe that i haven’t sent you OFC yet. that seems very odd. i’m sorry. i’ll get it in the mail immediately.

  7. derek beaulieu says:

    the canadian version of “is that wool hat my hat?” is “is that toque my toque?”
    — derek

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