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My soap smells like Apple Jacks. Advertisements

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I slept all night for the first time in weeks, and my dreams were good to boot. Haven’t gotten very far on my paper, though. But there’s still a good 48 hours. I’m pretty sure I’ll be returning to Cville … Continue reading

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magic words

Know any? Abracadabra doesn’t work. I bet some of these word verification words are magic. It’s just to find out which ones work. There must be some. I got a big Oxford History of English Literature book in the mail … Continue reading

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I have to cook dinner.

It’s been a few years since I cooked anything but rice or pasta. Suggestions?

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looktouchblog got its 100,000th visitor today. That is pretty cool. (Yes it only counts unique visitors. Yes I block my own IP address. The timeout is 2 hours, which I think is reasonable.)

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All the work I haven’t done since being at UVA

RenPro, Breton: 20 pp* ***The Power of Place: A reading of Nicholas Breton’s The Miseries of Mavillia in response to Constance RelihanRenPro, Rosalind: 10 pp***(something regarding interpolated poetry)Victorian, James: 5 pp* ***Memory and the Aesthetics of Realism in Henry James’s … Continue reading

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My day.

Today I started my Renaissance Prose paper. The working title is: “The Power of Place: A reading of Nicholas Breton’s The Miseries of Mavillia in response to Constance Relihan.” It will be a Deleuzean analysis as usual. I have not … Continue reading

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New tinysides!

Tinysides 21-25: Autobiography The latest set of tinysides explores the self: its reactions, perceptions, memories, its end. First off, Joseph S. Cooper brings us a self trying to describe itself: the life story of someone with a different relationship to … Continue reading

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Time to get over my current lover and move on to my next victim. It turns out that I’m not in the market for a noncommital relationship. I want to be with someone who could potentially love me. (I somehow … Continue reading

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Check it out: the multi-talented Didi Menendez (of MiPo Radio) made this awesome portrait of me. Such a sweet surprise– thank you Didi!

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Protected: V-Day (or, men are mean thoughtless selfish pigs)

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Borgesian vocabulary

I dreamt that someone told me a word for reading all over the page, rather than left-right top-bottom. There was a specific term for it. But instead of giving me the word she gave me an anagram of the word. … Continue reading

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Catch Me If You Can

Drooling over the drape of the hemmed pants (remember the good ol’ days when clothes fit?), the mod architecture, and the attention to paper and fine printing (the monster machine in France! Yum). When I lived with Martin, we watched … Continue reading

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I am thinking of taking one of the immersion language courses at UVA this summer. I’m deciding between Chinese and Spanish. This leads to some questions:1. Which one?2. Have you UVA people taken one of the summer language courses before … Continue reading

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new OFC review

“Smith has bravely taken the idea of the page as a canvas for words further than many have previously dared. The poems make us aware of both the placing of the words as the words themselves; since these poems subject … Continue reading

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Last night I dreamt….

Thanks to Andrew Lundwall, I fell asleep with “Bigmouth Strikes Again” in my head. Somehow this led to dreaming that Sarah had, as a teenager, played Joan of Arc in a famous old movie about her. Now we (Sarah and … Continue reading

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Today, on The Tree….

A red-bellied woodpecker and a blue jay.

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If you were my exacto knife, where would you be?

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the Anthology

One of many, many things I obsess over is how to organize the Anthology. And, for that matter, what to call it. For the organization I’ve been thinking that when it gets up to 300 or so authors, as it … Continue reading

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Linda Russo

Reading at Pegasus tonight at 7:30. Go. She is wonderful.

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what I’m doing today

What I was planning to do today: Looking for reasonably-priced apartments in Charlottesville. Spending the day with my grandmother and planning to see Lisa Jarnot’s reading in Tuscaloosa tonight. Giving advice on things I have no business giving advice about. … Continue reading

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When one’s heart, mind and body become superfluously faithful to a casual lover, unwittingly, and one can neither step away nor step up, and one doesn’t exactly know how one’s lover feels, or whether the relationship will survive another day, … Continue reading

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Susana’s lovely new Dusie is up, including work by many of my favorite people, real and virtual.

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cop-out post with some opinions on ekphrasis

Two things that are more interesting than what I have to say this morning: Lorna answers the New Year’s meme and Kenny G infiltrates the Poetry Foundation. Also, our dear Mark Lamoureux is looking for ekphrastic poetry from the 20th … Continue reading

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serenade of proximate dawn

“It was the nightingale, and not the lark…”

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starlight serenade

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things i do not like

Because sometimes I dislike things other than Academia and sexism.– Renaissance literature (sorry Ginny, and kudos for being able to do this stuff)– Rent prices in Charlottesville (yes, I am planning to come back)– Print poetry magazines, except when they … Continue reading

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birds! birds! birds!

Owls have such awesome names. I do think the one I saw was a Barred, because I have heard it screeching. In general, though, owls are not my bird. My favorite (common) birds:1. Great Blue Heron 2. Red-tailed Hawk3. Red-winged … Continue reading

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boys with southern accents

I could listen to them all day. The slow, tongue-filled, liquid drawl of a Southern “gentleman.” (Who cares what they’re saying?) This is why Southern men get elected President. It’s like molasses music. It’s hypnotic.

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morning serenade

I can’t sing. But she can.

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My dad is in the hospital but they don’t know what’s wrong with him. I hate hospitals. I hate waiting and waiting and waiting to see a doctor and then they can’t tell you anything. I hate watching shifts change … Continue reading

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I made a secret resolution not to fight for boys anymore. It’s going about as well as the other resolution. I dreamt that Sara Anne (the girl who wrote a David Bowie song last week) and Lindsey (also from childhood) … Continue reading

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Not in the house

More importantly, my dad went to the hospital (we’re not sure why) and I took Gandalf for his night walk, and we saw an owl. I have never seen an owl in the wild before. It was quite a large … Continue reading

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There was a rumor that I liked men. This is false.

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to the Victorianists

You know what book I really like? Goethe’s Elective Affinities. I read it for a course on Benjamin and the ethics of criticism with Rodolphe Gasche. I read it both before and after the class and it is enjoyable without … Continue reading

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things i dream about frequently

Staircases, Labyrinth-like – escalators – Stockholm subways – sex (obviously) – apologizing to people I’ve been mean to – mean people apologizing to me – software that does something that my current software either doesn’t do, or I don’t know … Continue reading

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in the mail

kevin – thanks (your work stationery is cute)aaron – thanks (sarah’s card is so cool)tawrin – thanks (nice minimalist design, dude)brenda – i love when you send me postcards

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I didn’t bring my collected Wallace Stevens.

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the best-laid plans

Well, so far today I have accomplished exactly nothing.

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a day’s work

Many things are now ready to ship from Etsy including extra 4SQs, rob mclennan’s avalanche (to be officially released next week; there are a few advance copies), and bird-book.

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Featuring the poetry of Grace Vajda, Amy King, Catherine Daly and a.rawlings, with an illustration by Raquel Salomon. If you want a wallet to match your FOURSQUARE you can get it at Etsy.

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selective memory

Unfortunately, my parents know that when I say I can’t cook, I’m lying.

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What is Problemattica?

Problemattica is one of many little books that I wrote in 2001. The first was Relation (not scheduled for reissue), Problemattica was second, and bird-book, which is the best of the three and perhaps still my best work, was third. … Continue reading

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new-old chapbooks

Pre-order a reissue of Problemattica and/or bird-book from Etsy. There are 10 of each available for sale. You can read bird-book for free online, but if you like the feel of various weights and textures of paper in your hands, … Continue reading

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new book-books

Tao has new books. My lovely cousin Logan’s book is coming out sooner than Tao’s. And even sooner, i.e. now, Linda Russo’s MIRTH is out.

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bookmaking in the time of love

My dad’s advice is, “bury yourself in your work.” My mom’s advice is, “channel the energy into bookmaking.” I tend to prioritize people/relationships over work. But in this case I may have to make an exception, since I need to … Continue reading

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The Anthology

All the submissions to the Anthology are in and sorted, and it’s a weird feeling, because now the passive work is over. The majority of submissions were accepted. It was strange for me– I’m very critical– to sit back and … Continue reading

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Take-Home Project update

Thanks to preorders for Take-Home Project chapbooks I have saved enough money for a good printer and materials, so the first of these should come out very soon (finally!) I am all stocked-up with high-quality papers, vellum, threads, and a … Continue reading

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FOURSQUARE Subscriptions

One subscription to FOURSQUARE remains.Hop to it or live with the bitter disappointment.

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Why are you here?

Reb’s blog is gold lately. And WOMB is up!

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