December’s 4SQ is ready to go, but I’m raising the subscription price with this issue and am awaiting payments before I send it out.

I have to raise subscription prices because the magazine costs more than $1/issue to produce and it’s one of many things feeding my spiraling financial deficit. At this point, my goal is not to make money on 4SQ but to cover costs.

If you want to continue receiving 4SQ, click on the PayPal button below to transfer $18 (+$3/issue for a total of $4/issue) to Outside Voices, or send money to outsidevoices at gmail dot com. If you’re currently subscribed and don’t want to continue receiving 4SQ, let me know so that one of the people on the waiting list can subscribe instead. Thanks.


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8 Responses to FOURSQUARE 1.7+

  1. T.A. Noonan says:

    Let me know if I still owe you any money for 4SQ; I think I overpaid in the first place.

    I sent your copy of Balm to your VA address. It should be there when you go back. Or, if you’re having your mail forwarded, it should get there soon.

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    Yup, Tiffany, we’re good. Looking forward to Balm

  3. Jessica Smith says:

    thought it’d be useful to list who’s paid or otherwise made arrangements so far:

    tiffany • kevin • shannon • sandra • derek • kristy • gillian

  4. François says:

    Yes to more 4sq. Will send money soon (through Paypal … my CC is stuck being the counter because I have a tab open).

    Oh, and Matt Siegel (recent acceptee for the anthology) blogs at

  5. Jessica Smith says:

    cool François, thanks for the $ and the link.

  6. François says:

    No prob. Matt, like Andrew Kozma, is a friend of mine. I’m glad to see both of them in the antho.

  7. DUSIE says:

    okay, i don’t get this…an additional 18 dollars for the next 6 months? I think I paid that originally because I’m abroad…backchannel me, wie bitte. 🙂

  8. Jessica Smith says:

    Yes, as I’ve been warning for months and as I explained in issue 1.6, I have to increase prices. I have decided to do it at the 6-mo mark and to begin selling subscriptions at $24/6mos. Those of you who have already paid for the year get a small discount ($18) but, as you might imagine, 4SQ costs much more to produce and ship than the $1 I initially charged per copy. Sorry for my lack of business acumen at the beginning, but I have to increase prices; I can’t afford to lose so much money every issue. If you’d like to cancel your subscription, just let me know; there’s a waiting list of people who’d like to subscribe.

    Additional names of people who’ve paid: david, tawrin, maureen

    If you would like to send cash/checks rather than use PayPal, you may send them to my Birmingham address:

    Jessica Smith
    3809 12th Ct S #F-2
    Birmingham, AL 35222

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