poetry meme

Alix, Shanna, Ryan, Jason, Lorna, Maureen, Logan, Sandra, angela, John, Sina, and Ania know how to respond to a meme. Tom also attempts an answer. Again, some similarities, some major differences. What is this made-thing that we all love so much but see so differently? It’s amazing, like a prism.

I think we should cull all the answers together into something, because they are so beautiful and revealing side by side.

New tags: Mr. Horton, Mr. Luong, Mr. Lin, Ms. Noonan, and Ms. Bowen.


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3 Responses to poetry meme

  1. Steven Fama says:

    We have entered the two weeks of Solstice / Christmas / New Years. During this period there is only the smallest chance of gaining full compliance with any directive or request not involving cookies, gifts, or partying.

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    oh right… how did i forget that poetry bloggers have lives? 😉

  3. Reen says:

    I am unmemely. I will try this afternoon after I return from work.

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