"i’ll teach you differences"

My loser friends aren’t answering the poetry meme, which is very interesting when answered. My answers are somewhat different from Susana’s, more similar to Michelle’s, and Elizabeth’s childhood universe in CA was about as different from mine in AL as it could be… but we are all here, working together on the same body of work.

Thus I re-tag. I tag Ania (one good procrastination mechanism deserves another), Shanna, Alixandra, Reb and a.raw.

I also want to know what the older poets I admire, like Juliana, Lisa, Ron, and Lorna, would say in response to this meme. Did Charles have to memorize poems in school? What are the differences that make a difference?

In lively news, my sleep schedule is so fucked up that I’m awake during the daytime now. And Mark, I hope you are feeling better.


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8 Responses to "i’ll teach you differences"

  1. Anonymous says:

    hey now cut your local losers a little slack. I’ve been busy catching up on the lord of the rings meme (yours!), the joseph cornell meme, the jane’s addiction meme, the jack daniels meme, the doing nothing meme, the nap meme, and the not blogging on saturday meme. the re-tag hopefully doesn’t constitute an un-tag, as I’m going to proceed as if not un-tagged.

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    😉 yay! yes, proceed as if tagged. honestly i just want to tag everyone. reading the responses i know of already has made me have to use my brain, and as my brain has been rotting out, that’s good.

  3. Michelle says:

    I love that graphic!

  4. jason christie says:

    as if tagged I replied with my cranky answers. Hope yer holiday season is merry and bright as they say.

    word verification=oloxospo

  5. Jessica Smith says:

    michelle: it’s angelica perez, her work is often very cool. she’s had stuff in Effing. her collage will be the December 4SQ cover. that will be out, like, tomorrow.

    jason & ryan: YAY!

  6. Mark Scroggins says:

    thanks, jessica. slightly on the mend, but far from whole. maybe we’ll run into each other in Philadelphia.

  7. Sandra says:

    Aw…your loser friend has been offline, and at a wedding in Tennessee, since Friday morning. It was a loooong drive. Monday night I am now back and properly tagged–I’ll get to work, I swear!

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