bibliophiles beware

Ania discovered this. If you need or want to get any work done, do not click on this link.

Shanna writes, “Packing books, I can’t help myself. I open them. I sit and read for a few pages.” Me too. I’ve finished packing theory, poetry, art history, social science, maps/outdoors, children’s books, and mythology. So it’s only fiction, the oversized artbooks, and the undersized chapbooks to be packed now. Today I packed away most of my Zukofsky. It was hard. I saved out “A”, Prepositions, and Mark‘s book.


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2 Responses to bibliophiles beware

  1. Simon says:

    what to do with excess books when you’re moving:


  2. Jessica Smith says:

    oh, i’d heard about this! cool; thanks for the link.

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