Use of the 360-degree roaming camera in a room filled with hanging origami cranes? I’m convinced. (Episode 10 Part 4) (Actually I don’t know what this show is about. But it’s so pretty.)


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2 Responses to Heroes

  1. DUSIE says:

    she looks like you in this pic!

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    In the show she looks like a young Heather Graham (not that Heather Graham is old). It’s just a bit part, i think, but she’s very lovely.

    There are also lovely boys, including the kid who was the “bad boy” in Gilmore Girls a few seasons ago (Jess? Jesse?). The show has a filmic quality, like each frame is a picture unto itself. I am still not entirely sure what the show is about, but it’s basically an avoid-the-apocalypse kind of tale.

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