for the absent

also go to angela’s to learn about the new kenny goldsmith work.

also, seriously, submit to the Anthology NOW if you’re going to at all. remember, this is a low-pressure operation. i’m looking to represent the breadth of what’s going on among younger poets, not the best poetry out there (which I am in no position to judge and which is anyways a false/politicized construct, not that this is apolitical, oh, it is political, but differently, Deleuzean). send stuff that represents you now, at this moment in time. think of it as a time capsule. you may not have written your Best Work yet, and that is not my priority. represent your young poet self. (confused about submissions? send a handful of poems to poetry2008 at gmail dot com. any file type will do, but if it’s pure text, i’d appreciate it if you’d put it in 10 pt Garamond in a .doc file.) (there are currently 177 authors, if you wanted to know.)


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  1. Jessica Smith says:

    ok, so it’s not really deleuzean because there is a hierarchy (poets>editors>me) and i’m diong the bulk of the work. so it’s like deleuze sans marx, which is kind of weird, but it’s still more democratic than most anthologies, and more realistic about one’s ability to predict aesthetic trends across time periods. it is the anthology of an archivist and not an anthology of the kind of reward-based hierarchical structure that the poetry world is normally based on. maybe it’s more of a derridean politics? i’m not comfortable enough with derrida to say that. and that is also what the anthology is about. being uncomfortable with a position that requires politics, theorizing, placing, displacing, rewarding, rejecting, etc. it’s an anthology with no clothes.

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