sale @ Coach House

Balm from T.A. Noonan (am I happy to see Charles’s wisdom in the left sidebar? Yes, of course I am. I like this use of it, a mission, a mantra.) Good to see DIY coming out of the Deep South.

Coach House Press is having its annual holiday sale, so you can go buy Wide Slumber for Lepidopterists (all the cool kids already have it). Also recommended: With Wax, Eunoia, Crystallography, stuff by Nubuo Kubota, and, well, anything on this page. Canada is the major location for avant-garde “American” poetry these days, and Coach House is one of the main publishers up there. Oh, and those are Canadian dollars. You can’t go wrong.

In illegitimate book news, I have now sold 4 copies of my Juvenilia, 6 of my MA thesis, and 16 of Discourse Networks. I like the idea that I’m populating the world with illegitimate books. It seems an act somehow gendered in its transgression.


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