recent acquisitions, love poems, my life in thirds

Sharon Harris’s Avatar, an Ono-esque caper through instructional, found, “visual,” list, and prose poetry.
Tao Lin’s you are a little bit happier than i am
Charles Bernstein’s Girly Man, which so far seems dark, rhythmic and witty in that Charles sort of way. It’s a lovely hardback edition. You can get a signed copy from Bridge Street Books (email Rod). Charles was telling us that the new editions of some of his books, including My Way and A Poetics, are printed by their publishers POD. This is just a reminder that large, “legitimate” publishers use POD too. Next request from Lulu: heavier cover stock.
– A purple envelope with poems inside from Alix which I have yet to open because I don’t want to hurt it. There are enough of these fragile enveloped projects now– from Alix, me, and Susana, off the top of my head– that something interesting might be said/written about why we insist upon the violation of beautiful textual objects, or about the delivery/receipt aesthetics of the enveloped text.
Aaron Lowinger’s “Open Night” – a stellar fragile-but-tough, delicate-but-self-sufficient little book that you should try to get ahold of by contacting House Press. Here we go:

open night

I love you
you don’t know
the night is new
the air oil black
heat lightning-
where the cave opens
I miss your face
and the tree-sized arms
with each drink
I get a little better–
go off for twenty years
activities unknown
get buried by the sea
I’ll leave earth for you
in the room next to me

Just as it can be argued (as I sd to Charles, because I am always talking) that all writing is autobiographical, all traces of humanity, all sounds and patterns reveal the life that formed them, anthropologically as it were; it can easily be argued that all poetry is love poetry. Put your Derrida and Wittgenstein together; stir until thoroughly mixed; simmer until tender.


Last night after the reading while we sat at the DC version of Founding Fathers or Lebro’s, I found myself beside Charles and across from Rod (Smith), which was strange because I’ve known Rod since I was about 16 and I’ve known Charles since I was 18 and now I am 27 and that’s a long time.


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  1. csperez says:

    that all poetry is love poetry IS an easy argument. i can dig it!

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