Missed my flight. Mistaken identity. Standby. Remarkably good taxi driver. Arrived. Met Mark. Met Alixandra. Remet Darren. Anecdote of Bill meeting me at the epoetry conference long long long ago. Met Angela. Round-robin reading with darren and bill went well, i thought, followed with some q&a. Met Jenny Aaron Jesse Nadia Maggie Sharon Connor Chris etc. (still working on the names), learned about chemistry with french fries, marvelled over battery-operated tealights, sold all the copies of OFC and DN I brought, felt warm and lovely like jason would’ve predicted 🙂 Everyone is great.


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7 Responses to quickie

  1. speterme says:

    Oh Canada!!!!….

    pac, lov and undrstanding (nvr giv up!)

    Stv Ptrmir

  2. Steven Fama says:

    Yes, congratulations especially on selling the books. Not meaning to focus too much on the mercenary part of it, but I’ve heard tell that sometimes poets go to readings with a stack of books and bring ’em all — or most all — back home.

    I’m looking forward to hearing your reading. I believe poetry is best enjoyed after a poet’s work is heard read aloud, particularly by the poet herself.

  3. jason christie says:

    hey! glad you had a good TO experience. did the readings get recorded?

    word verification=admsmo

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey, Lovely to have met you. I’m picking through my copy of OFC. Really enjoying the space and connections as I go. The subway is pulling me through the lines. Thank you.

    Aaron reviewed the reading on his website, Geneology of Taste. You can link to TUCKER via mine (sorry, I can’t think of the address right this second).


  5. Jessica Smith says:

    steve: i’m afraid i’ll have to vehemently disagree on your last point there… but…

    jason: yes, it was recorded, and i think it’ll be up at the test site

    jenny: it was good to meet you too! send me some work. and thanks to aaron for writing about the reading.

  6. Mark says:

    Hey Jessica,

    Thanks for reading. I’m aiming to get the recordings up by the weekend. Sorry about that, but I’m a little snowed under right now.


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