Nov. 18, Toronto, Mercer Union, Test Reading Series

I’m a little slow in the publicity department… and every other department these days. But I will be there to read and you should come. Darren Wershler-Henry and Bill Kennedy will also be reading.

I will be reading a smorgasbord of things, some from OFC, some found stuff, some other stuff.


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3 Responses to Saturday

  1. jason christie says:

    okay, okay… quit rubbing it in! 😉 i read at test recently and liked it very much. i miss those people in toronto.

    seriously, we have to get you to calgary.

    word verification=edosevcb

  2. Alixandra Bamford says:

    I have several times today broken into spontaneous dance.


  3. Jessica Smith says:

    alix, you’re so wonderful!

    jason, i just figured out (or angela told me) that you were all at york at the same time, like we were all at buffalo at the same time. what a kick-ass generation we are, huh?

    the reading went well. it was abnormal. alix has pictures. there is also a recording. the full story will come later.

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