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I am missing Charles Bernstein’s upcoming readings in Baltimore and D.C. to give my own reading in Toronto. I’m sad to miss Charles’s readings, but it feels like one of those young-poet-growing-up things, to miss the reading of one’s mentor (I use the term with reserve) to give one’s own reading.


Hey, now it looks like I will be able to make Charles’s Sunday reading. Hooray!

Whatever you might think about “Language Poetry,” Charles is a funny, generous, exciting, entertaining reader. I am not a fan of the Poetry Reading format (“man speaking to men”) in general and I get bored very easily. Charles is a poet for the MTV (ADD) generation. Everyone should come.


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  1. jason christie says:

    O! I wish I could be in Toronto for your reading. We’ll have to get you to come to Calgary soon. Have much fun with those folks. I miss them all so much.

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