dusie, plantarchy

Recent mail:
– bday postcard from Brenda who is so sweet
– “wee chaps” from Dusie by Tom Orange, Jules Boykoff, and Kaia Sand. You can view the packaging and chapbooks on flickr; you can buy them for yourself on Etsy. There aren’t many left.

Also, there’s this: Plantarchy 2: Performance & Performativity

Contributors: cris cheek, Performance Thanatology Research Society, Laura Elrick, Daisy Levy, Mike Wallace-Hadrill, Stephen Perkins, Joshua Strauss, Michael Basinski, Ric Royer (on Basinski), Brenda Iijima, Aaren Yandrich, Camille PB, 405-12-3415, Piers Hugill, Giles Goodland (on Caleb Whitefoord), Mark Wallace, Michael Slosek, Keith Tuma (on Edinburgh Review 114), Mark Mendoza, Emily Critchley, Scott MacLeod, Stuart Calton, Andrew Topel (back cover). Edited by jUStin!katKO… $10 | 4 issue subscription: $25


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2 Responses to dusie, plantarchy

  1. Steven Fama says:

    JS asks, “If I can analyze (‘properly’) a text I haven’t even read, why go to class?”

    Because, as Woody Allen put it, “80% of life is just showing up.”

    A funny line, but true, even with its devastating (at least to those of us who want more) implication that human interaction is mostly a very shallow affair.

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    i wish woody allen were in my class. or any sort of bad, class-clown type. that’s what made k-12 bearable.

    i’m pissy because when martin transferred to cornell, they were like, “oh! martin! you’re great! you don’t have to take any courses unless you want to. let us help you write your book!” completely different approach here. and i’m not that much less intelligent than martin.

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