Galatea Ressurects, OFC @ Amazon

In the mail:
Books to review for Eileen Tabios’s amazing review website, Galatea Resurrects: Kate Greenstreet’s case sensitive, Yedda Morrison’s Crop (I can finally give Tom’s copy back to him), and Kaia Sand’s heart on a tripod. I’ll also be reviewing Jenny Boully’s [one love affair]* and Cecilia Vicuña’s Instan but I think there are still more review copies available of those books (Craig). If you want to write reviews for Galatea, thus granting yourself free books, check out the list of available review copies here. OFC is one of the books up for review. (And check out the ongoing Anniversary Sale at Kelsey St.— they’re the best.)
– Copies of Discourse Networks for trading purposes (Tao, M?)

Just figured out that one can order OFC from Amazon. At the OFC page you can link to a few indy merchants who are way better than Amazon, but it was cool to find it there. I guess it’s there through SPD. I didn’t know. I’ve added pictures and blurbs and stuff now, but they haven’t gone through the Amazon system quite yet.


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5 Responses to Galatea Ressurects, OFC @ Amazon

  1. csperez says:


  2. Jessica Smith says:

    i thought you should review the Vicuna so you can get the other copy of Instan, unless you already have it. also b/c it would be fun to write tandem reviews.

  3. csperez says:

    ooooohhhhhh i like that idea! i will see what i can do!

  4. Jessica Smith says:

    doesn’t it sound fun? we (or me and other people) should do this for other books too, esp. ones w/in our peer group. i think it sounds motivating and engaging to write “in company.” and the books get double the reviews. i think vicuna is a worthy recipient of as many good reviews as can be written for her, but i also agree with Chuck B.:

    My advise to young poets is always: start your own magazine or press, & publish your own work and those of your contemporaries whose poems seem most crucial for the art. And if possible, respond as much as possible, through poetics and reviews, to this work. Articulate its values, value its articulations.

    As with publishing, one should try to do things in-house except when it’s very beneficial to send them out– in other words, we should tighten our network by reviewing, as we continue to publish, each others’ work. I think team-reviewing might be fun just for the intellectual engagement and motivation to write the reviews.

  5. csperez says:

    who knew chuck berry read poetry!

    great ideas jessica…i will contact eileen soon…i am excited to read what you come up with and look forward to future projects in team-reviewing!


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