Roll Tide

i like nice people.
My house smells like coffee and the Alabama game is on AND we’re winning. Florida sucks. But I’m stating the obvious.

I just woke up so I am at neither possible barbeque (English’s or Mark’s friend’s).
Felicia turns 7 this month (Well, she was “adopted” in Oct. ’99; I don’t know when her real birthday was) and for her birthday she got new license plates (“wildlife conservation” donation ones–VA has lots of cool designs) and two bumperstickers. She’s never had bumperstickers before. Now she has two small ones: “C” The River (Cahaba River Society, which is in AL) and the = marks Human Rights Campaign (that looks like an ad for Sweden, really). I was going to make her wait till she was 10 to get bumperstickers, but these are very small and timeless. (She’s had window decals for a few years now.)

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