rubbish redux

So now this becomes the source text. it is 41 lines so one line will move to the title position.

the omen of a stunned tiger swallowtail
blue guitar pick, modest mouse, handtowel
leather shoe, chewing tobacco, red pen
somebody’s clothes, another no one, stencils
the shores are alive… i still love you, books
forgotten men, brinquedos velhos = lixo
bananas mardi gras blue sucker broken t.v.
unopened deep red is my favorite color
multiple pink-tipped white fabric flowers
faux tortoiseshell barrette, cloisonne bead
in which i fantasize about mudpies & insects
a striped grosgrain ribbon, a champagne bead
inflatable beach ball searches for water
in waning moon’s glow pink bucket rides again
broken plate with a brown rim, ping-pong ball
nothing, or very little, rests upon these streets
“the trash and treasures of charlottesville”
faded blue boxers with tiny ice cream cones
Of splendor in the grass, of glory in the flower
mystery of a bright red orb as seen from afar
a valentine not addressed to me, small Santas
a child’s plastic barrette, pink plastic butterfly
found mardi gras beads with hanging crowns
blind googly eyes, deaf orange ears, hoarding
babyblue babysock yellowpaper drinkumbrella
jellybeans, a black, a pink, and a yellow one
speakr portion eggshlls yllw feathr lip balm
a red shirt-button, a black plastic divided plate
gloves, glove, striped flip-flop, collaboration
black shiny sequins glistening marble penny
“love is everywhere,” “Made in China”
documented sea change of good & plenty
wings bones, good & plenty, tomato, slide
a pink fabric rose and a yellow one
pink sequin flower, initial conclusions
a short history of pink bucket
applies to oranges, receipts, gift ribbons
red painted paintbrush, easter egg pepsi
Aquafina, Newcastle, orange residue
red bow, yellow leaf-heart, valentine candy
swedish fish, headphone foam, red stripe


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