in which i fantasize about mudpies & insects

– a black “Hilton” hotel pen with silver lettering. Made me think about how strange it must be to be Paris Hilton. Or anyone famous, or anyone with such a name as would be on pens that are discarded. The only Smith I can think of is Smith & Wesson and I have never seen a Smith & Wesson pen on the ground. What is it like to live in a family that is so financially successful that people throw away pens with their name on it?
– my parents are coming today. i found a yellow daffodil that someone had picked and then discarded. i imagine that it was a child who was scolded for picking flowers out of the university garden.
– a pale blue plastic disc about the size of a quarter. i don’t know what this was, and i was walking with Martin so I could not investigate properly. I came to realize that if we have children I will have to be the one to teach them how to make mud pies and collect robins’ eggshells and feathers and nests and roly-polys and caterpillars and ligthning bugs and butterflies and sparkly discarded items and other great germy things.
– a watermelon Jolly Rancher still in its wrapper. I was very tempted. But lemon is my favorite. When did they change the packaging?


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One Response to in which i fantasize about mudpies & insects

  1. Ray says:

    Jess, have you ever read “The Littlest Angel”? It’s a silly x-mas story, but my mum’s mum read it to her every christmas eve, and now my mum reads it to me every x-mas eve, until she starts crying too much (at the line about the tooth-marked collar, usually) and then I finish. Your remark about the robin’s egg-shells reminded me of that. Do you know that they don’t have lightening bugs in California? My San Fransisco cousin John-John was visiting us when he was ten when he saw lightening bugs for the first time. I can’t get over how weird that must have been for him! To suddenly see little sparks in the air, all over, at dusk, and not know what they are! Ma-gic.

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