faded blue boxers with tiny ice cream cones

– red & black jimmy john’s business card magnet
– red and yellow lollipop, still in its wrapper
– strawberry shortcake valentine, from Gretchen to Courtney
– a pair of faded blue boxers with tiny ice cream cones


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2 Responses to faded blue boxers with tiny ice cream cones

  1. Anonymous says:

    Poem written by Brian VanRemmen, former UB Masters student, Name contributor, and current Arlington, VA resident.
    Blog sign-up pending…

    Observations in Traffic
    Outside an 18-Wheeler on I-95 (Southbound)

    5W-30 Motor Oil Plastic Container
    Paper plate
    Plastic bag from Target
    Tube of mortaring caulk
    Blown tire
    Slate rock wall
    Mangy teddy bear
    Rusted barbed wire fence
    Silent smokestack
    Cigarette butt
    Plastic cup
    Open bridge joints
    Jet fuel tanker truck
    Old jalopy with junk in the trunk
    Dasani water bottle
    St. Pauli Girl 40 oz. (empty)
    Dead tree limb
    “God Bless America” ribbon sticker
    Broken bottle of cheap wine
    Newport cigarette pack
    Marlboro cigarette pack
    Cigarette butt
    Pontiac passing on the shoulder
    Juice bottle filled with urine
    Passengers late to the airport
    North Carolina license plate
    New York state lottery ticket
    Green leaves in late November
    Wristband from an uptown club
    Ripped tire tread
    Road sign lying upside down
    Black garbage bag
    Tar paper
    Pine cone
    Rag used to check someone’s oil
    Yellow foam insulation
    Coffee cup lid
    Single glove
    Satellite dish on a suburban roof
    Broken engine belt
    Construction graffiti instruction
    Drainage grate covered by leaves
    Rolling Rock beer bottle
    Icicles hanging in the shade
    McDonald’s French fry package
    Discarded hose from a tanker truck
    Wooden door stopper
    Blade from a hockey stick
    Breath mint wrapper
    Parking garage ticket
    Sixteen rumble strips per concrete

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    brian, i didn’t realize you lived in arlington. do you ever hang out with the DCpoetry people? (www.dcpoetry.com)

    rolling rock really gets around.

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