mystery of a bright red orb as seen from afar

under a teal-green car a bright red orb. sun shining makes small white mirror in upper left, reflecting trees. it is so bright. so bright red, redder than the tail-lights of the car, and it is white in the upper left, where it is red. it is red but it appears white. is it an orb or is it a ball or is it a balloon. is it a red planet. it does not stir with the breeze. it is stuck or it is not a balloon. it is teal car’s sidekick. it does not waver. it is horatio. it will never be a montague.

(why do you come to this page? you do realize it is a record of trash? trash! it might be interesting if there were others recording their trash too. then we could see what kind of trash was where.)


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