blind googly eyes, deaf orange ears, hoarding

I have become a hoarder.

On the walk home I considered two things.
1. How many hair bands I could pick up (8)
2. Whether one can induce OCD in oneself

On the way to school and back I found these things.
– the other orange earplug. I surmise it is the mate because it was near the bag with the single earplug.
– a shiny red bottlecap for some kind of beer
– two empty packages of Orbitz whitening gum, whatever the pink flavor is
– a Coke bottle still full of something that at least resembled Coke
– an empty tote bag, canvas with navy straps
– white hairband (en route to school, before compulsion to pick them up)
– gummi bears. i only picked one up. it was not slimey.
– one googly eye. of course i picked this up.
– a safety pin, opened
– the label from the back of someone’s shirt
-a very small tube of glittery gold lip balm

I like gathering things better than writing poetry. Maybe this will end up being like Sommarhuset.


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