speakr portion eggshlls yllw feathr lip balm

Today I walked home a slightly different way and thus saw slightly different trash; I also had a revelation about what I want to do with this (text) material when I feel that I have gathered sufficient quantities. I also realized, looking at the trash exhibit in the Anth. dept. again, that another conclusion one can draw from the trash I’m observing is that it’s winter. The trash in the exhibt was collected in the summer, and there’s much more jewelry (esp. rings) and sunglasses. My trash includes many gloves, wrapping elements from the holidays, and chapstick for winter-dry lips.

Today’s list.
– package of orange 3M earplugs from which one was missing.
– fuschia paper with shapes cut out of it with pinching shears
– pair of green work-gloves (a different pair than last time)
– maroon dryer lint
– 2/3 of a red onion
– blue water balloon, filled, faded in a tye-dyed round pattern
– fragments of robin’s egg blue pottery
– egg shells
– the speaker portion of a white speaker (i.e. without the box)
– a grey steel stool/chair
– a newspaper faded to a pleasant ocean-blue color
– green Rolling Rock box
– popsicle stick, 1/2 of which was stained dark pink
– Starbucks venti cup
– blue Blistex tube, broken as if run over by a car
– tinsel (this stuff gets everywhere and just stays)
– Skoal tobacco canister
– red plastic cigar holder (I thought it was something… else)
– bright yellow feather, as from a celebration, not as from a real bird
– black lens from singlasses
– “prescriptive” orange-pink lip balm
– a single brown leather glove
– a green Solo cup (an anomaly among the reds and blues)
– a yellow Solo cup
– a large piece of shiny silver wrapping-paper. Did I pick this up? You decide.


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